Bored Barkers

Bored barkers are trying to tell you something


One of the reasons to use Dancing Paws Pet Care Services is to help deal with “bored barkers”.
Some dogs  bark continuously  when they are bored, lonely or are seeking attention. Dogs who are bored need something to do other than bark while you are at work, which not only frustrates them but certainly annoys the neighbors! I had a client in Katonah that brought us in just for that. We provide a more stimulating environment and usually a lot more exercise. A tired dog is less likely to be bored. A little love, mid day romp and scratch behind the ears goes a long way.

Lonely/anxious barkers need the human touch

Dogs who bark when they are alone, especially pups that may be new to your home may be showing a symptom of their separation anxiety from you.  One way to combat this is to provide at least one if not more daily visits, (these dogs are in the midst of a vicious circle – the lonelier they are, the more they bark, the more upset they get, the more they bark. There is a young family in Mount Kisco with a pug that hired us just to avoid the guilt that they were experiencing due to exhaustively long work schedules.


We can talk more about your specific needs and challenges when we meet, there is always a solution!