The Dancing Paws Difference

Not All Pet Sitters Are Created Equal

Our current economic and labor landscape has had its effect on all of us.

Unfortunately, there are many inexperienced folks looking for work and calling themselves pet sitters. While some are and may become very proficient unfortunately, many are “fly by night” waiting for something better.

Recently, a client in the area hired a “low-cost” pet sitter who had advertised on various social media sites. He worked for this family for a month before stealing various items including jewelry, money, prescription medications and CD’s. Subsequent attempts to contact this person fell short as I’m sure that he skipped town and victimized more than one unsuspecting family.

Actually, in late 2016 a Bedford pet sitter was arrested on similar charges.

This type of activity is not all that un-common, especially in the city. Please do your due diligence and choose from the professional group of local, established, responsible and authentic pet sitting services. We are the ones that go to great lengths to care for your pets and can document our experience and reputation.

You decide! Or better yet, your pet will tell you who they want to spend time with, they ALWAYS know!

As for us, we have 20 years+ of working with both canines and felines. My experience and expertise includes:

* behavioral issues
* breed characteristics
* basic training
* nutritional guidance
* 17+ years of hands on experience as pet sitter
* overnight stays replicating your pet’s normal in home routine ( no stress from being caged in a kennel)
* impeccable references and solid reputation ( updates, pictures, text messages sent while you’re away)
* patient, nurturing, loving and ultra-responsible

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We really appreciate your consideration and look forward to meeting you soon.